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This is a calculator which takes your formula, then you can choose to differentiate, integrate, plot, expand it etc.

To get started, fill in the form below. At the bottom of the page, there are links to some examples to help you learn.

The constants e, i, and π can be used by typing E, I and PI respectively. Many functions can be used, which must be typed in lowercase. Click here to see the list of all functions. You must write * for multiplication, e.g. 4*x instead of 4x. Note that if the programme returns any blanks then you have asked too much of it!

acos(x), acosh(x), acot(x), acoth(x), acsc(x), acsch(x), asec(x), asech(x), asin(x), asinh(x), atan(x), atanh(x), cos(x), cosh(x), cot(x), coth(x), csc(x), csch(x), exp(x), log(x), sec(x), sech(x), sin(x), sinh(x), sqrt(x), tan(x), and tanh(x).

Integration, differentiation etc. is done with respect to the variable x, 3D plotting also uses y.

Please wait a couple of seconds, the calculator can take a few seconds to process your calculation.





To see any of the formulas returned above in input form, just click on the images. This calculator was made by Matt Henderson, who you can email at email address. It uses the open source software Maxima to do the calculations. This page should be Valid XHTML.

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